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"The most important feeling

is a woman feeling good

about herself" 


Barbara Bouvier the founder of Bouvier Skincare and has worked in the cosmetic industry for 18 years for some of the top skincare brands in the world. What Ms. Bouvier love is the connection she has with each of her guests from very young to very mature. The most important thing that stuck with Ms. Bouvier is how she made a woman feel. It is important to teach a woman how to pamper herself and carry that experience she felt at the department store back to her home. Selfcare is our #1 priority. 


Ms. Bouvier knew the growing concerns that every woman had who frequent her shop. the concerns were the signs of aging, the lack of knowledge, and how they felt. We believe that every woman is beautiful and with the right products and the right skincare routine a woman can feel and look her absolute best. 

Ms. Bouvier wanted to design a skincare system that focuses on repairing the skin, delivered high-performance and great results for every woman. Our focus is on Stem Cell therapy products designed to target and repair problem areas like clearing inflammation, repairing the skin,  promoting cell turnover, and preventing the signs of aging.

Why Stem Cells?

Stem Cells contain amino acids and peptides, which are the skincare powerhouse ingredients for skin rejuvenation. These are the building block for cell rejuvenation. So over the past few years, there has been a variety of human, animal, and plant-based stem cells in skincare products. Stem Cells naturally have antioxidant properties and they nourish skin cells which promotes cell turnover and increase collagen production. This could result in fewer lines and wrinkles. Improve skin texture and tone, and younger, supple-looking skin. Stem cells are a major multitasker, from anti-aging to simply healing damaged skin, the cells will target SOS areas to help promote healing. Key factors for aging skin are, wrinkles, fine lines, loss of elasticity, and dark spots, essentially damaged skin. Stem cells work stimulating cell growth activating collagen while protecting skin against any future damage and moisture loss.


Our Mission:

We strive to develop a luxury Stem Cell skincare system that focuses on repairing the skin, clearing inflammation, promoting cell turnover, and preventing the signs of aging. Our high-performance and result-driven Stem Cell products will address and target problem areas. This will be a transformation for every woman. This line is not just for women but men can benefit from our stem cell system too. Your luxury skincare routine can be achieved in 5 simple steps. Renew. Regenerate. Repair




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